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One Green Planet - We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet.One Green Planet | We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet.
We're your online guide to making conscious choices that help people, animals and the planet.


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First Cage Free Shelter in the US + Solar Panels Bring Electricity to Chinese Temple + Rescue Dog's Transformation + Leopard Cubs Reunite with Mother
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Promote Hair Growth with Rice Water + Kale Vs Spinach Health Benefits + Umami Mushroom Curries + Plant-Based Baked Cheesecake Recipes
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Things People Can Do to Help Pangolins + Differences of Heme and Non-Heme Iron + Vigilantes Confront Animal Abuser in China + Double Chocolate Recipes
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Animal Rights Activists + What Tourist Rides Do to Elephants + Animal Rights in Gaming + Willow Oil Project Approved + Kylie Jenner Animal Abuse
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The Elephant Whisperers Wins Oscar + Nitrate in Water Linked to Prostate Cancer + Proposal to Limit Toxic Water + How to Suck CO2 from the Atmosphere
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Cat Found in Carry-On + Orca Dies at Canadian Theme Park + Wild Cat Found w/ Cocaine in System + Trending Skincare Cream + Weekly Petitions & News
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Dogs and Their Humans Have Similar Personalities + Bumblebees Can Solve Puzzles + Jennifer Coolidge is the 'Vegan Queen' + Tortoise Gets Wheels
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Make a Backyard Fire Pit + Discarded Vapes Pose Threat to Animals + Safari Club International Promotes Trophy Hunting + Plant-Based Daikon Recipes
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Dog Slowly Backing Away to Avoid Bath Time Goes Viral + How to Make an Off-Grid Washing Machine + What is Soy-Free Tofu + Plant-Based Holi Recipes
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PUMA Phases Out Kangaroo Leather + Cat Hisses in His Sleep + DIY Bird Feeders + Homemade Natural Energy Drinks
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Truth Behind Used Clothing Donations + Doc Showing Couple Fostering Baby Elephant Gets Nominated for Academy Awards + Concern Over Harry Styles Boas
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How to Celebrate the Solstices & Equinox + Vegan Desserts + Sweetener Linked to Strokes + What to do if You Catch a Mouse + Weekly Petitions & News
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Indian Temple has Life-Sized Robotic Elephant + The Black Vegan Revolution + Kansas City Chiefs Need to Change Their Name + US Needs to Ban Glue Traps
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Things to Ask Yourself Before Buying a New Phone + Plant-Based Freezer Dessert Bites + Only Zoo in Puerto Rico Set to Close + MeatOut Day in NYC
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Make Tempeh + Healthy Checklist + How to Check if Your Bottled Water was Sourced Near the Ohio Train Derailment + Sweet, Spicy & Sour Tofu Recipes
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Thai Poaching Kingpin Sentenced to Prison + Lucky Cat Finds Forever Home + Protein Iced Coffee Recipe
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Dog Who Ate Russian Soldiers Gets Adopted + Woman Adds Her Cat to Famous Art + Vegan Frustrated w/ Being Told Diet is 'Limiting' + Storing Berries
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Protest T-Shirts For Animal Activists + Toxins found in blood of 100’s of species  + ChatGPT writes impressive poem on veganism + Cow gets spa day
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Goats Wander into a Target + Firefighter Adopts Cat He Rescued + Jane Fonda Campaigns for Sea Life + North Korean Nuclear Testing Environmental Impact
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PETA Slams Joel McHale's New Show + McDonald's Vegan Nuggets + Al Gore's Firm Invests in Polluters + Erin Brockovich Wants to Clean East Palestine
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