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Grab your share of the deals to enjoy fast and easy boarding, complimentary refreshments, baggage allowance, city airport and auto and self check-in!


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2022 May 23

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2022 May
Hi Singapore πŸ‡ΈπŸ‡¬! Firefly is flying to Seletar soon from RM119
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School Holiday Special! 25% off your next holiday πŸ›«
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Early Bird Sale for Post Raya from RM 49
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Selamat Hari Raya dari Firefly Airlines πŸŒ™
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Raya is coming soon! Book your 'Balik Kampung' trip for RM69
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Ready to balik kampung for Raya? Get up to 35% off your cuti plans!
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3 Day Flash Sale! πŸ“£ with up to 10% OFF + Extra 10KG Baggage
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Firefly's 15th Anniversary promo! Get 50% OFF on your next flights ✈️
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Upgrade⬆️your flight experience at half the price (50% OFF) πŸ‘€
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Good news for Penang peeps πŸ‘€! RM 30 OFF flight to Penang on our new 737
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✈️ Jet off for balik kampung on board new 737
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Our Jet is taking off soon! ✈️ your holiday awaits!
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Free Seats for 72 Hours Only! ⏰ Don't miss out! ✈️
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Firefly 737 is having its lowest fare ever! Fly from RM 49 ✈️
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Firefly Holiday is back! A deal so good you cannot miss!
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Awesome FLY SAVE deals! Fly from RM188 this school holiday.
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Fly SAVE with 22% off base fare βœ…
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Fly SAVE with Firefly βœ…
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Firefly Airlines is now flying to Sabah, Sarawak & Johor! πŸ›«
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Valentine's Day Special Promo | Get Up to 25% Off
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